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Since its inception in 1997, Raj Group has been committed with dedication towards healthcare, Health & Energy, tobacco based product and orientation towards natural products. With an annual turnover of 200 million USD, the company has a national presence with Corporate HQ in Mumbai that symbolizes high quality new-age living.


Rhino Food and Beverages Inc. established a new perception and identity based on quality a health product that is imaginative and break-away from the existing ideas. It aims in production, marketing and sales of packaged snack food with a strict adherence to quality and the company’s reputation.


Radiant Healthcare- Launched in 2003, the company came into formation with the launch of Hair Oils under the Personal Care category that ventured into the arena of Pharmaceuticals in 2007. It operates in the category known as a therapy for Respiratory Inefficiencies that aims to cover all therapies of respiratory problems.