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Started in 2003,the company started with the launch of Hair Oils under the Personal Care category, manufactured as its state-of-the-art facility at Thane. The company ventured into the arena of Pharmaceuticals in 2007 after exhaustive research. The research pointed out markets the world over are flooded with formulations for Antibiotics, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and other obesity and life-style related diseases. Very few players operate in the ‘respiratory therapy’ space. This led the company into the niche category of pharmaceutical solutions for respiratory problems. There are few players in the market, nationally and internationally, and the company plans to cover all therapies of respiratory problems. The company plans to launch products in all 3 types of therapies available:

  • MDI-Metered Dose Inhalations
  • DPI-Dry Powder Inhalations
  • Nebulizers

The company has started its operations from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, CIS countries, Latin American countries. Radiant is also involved in importing MDI and DPI devices for India and nearby markets, and is the sole selling agent for the manufacturer in all the countries.