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Sales & Marketing:

This department is headed by the person who has been having 30 years rich & varied Experiences in Domestic as well as International Arena with many more successes in the sleeves. The department has been working extremely hard to set up The Operation not only in the different states of India, but also in the different countries. They have been dealing entirely different products for Domestic & International Markets. It has been the most special Idea to launch 60-65 products under Umbrella Brand Name which has been totally uncommon in the Ethical Promotion. Each of those products would be known by the different "Suffix". The department has tentatively projected $20 mn sales within 3 years of the operation.


This has been the most versatile department made by few legends of the Industry. The multi-various tasks & responsibilities made the people of this department known in the International Markets. Congenial mind set of the people have made easily approachable not only to the foreign buyers, but also Indian Authorities related to our Industry.

Distribution/Accounts/Supply chain management:

The company has the most strong people in this department. The people made themselves almost 'Indispensable' to The Corporate Management. They have been not only responsible & careful for 'The Bottom Line' of the Company, but also taking utmost notice to the regular, optimum & timely supply of the stocks to the Domestic & Foreign buyers. Cheerful Vendors do not leave any stone un-turned to ensure that The Company runs smoothly at all the times.

Human Resource/Administration:

This has been the most creative department of the company. People have always been trying to take the best out of the people in order to achieve The corporate Goal. All the departments have been Nurtured in regular basis for the best Out Put. They have been trying to prove that "It Has Been The Human Resource who has been running the machine & company" to achieve The Best Performances.

Technical People:

These people have been ensuring The Company's en-devour in saving the lives of millions in the world. Research & Development processes have been going on continuously for new molecules which will a shot in the Arms of the company to save the lives of the people in better ways.